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Dave Williams
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Dave Williams of Cornerstone Resolution Services, lives in Vancouver Washington. Dave’s personal mission is to help individuals, families and organizations work through conflict to achieve the best outcomes possible. Dave brings over thirty years of experience in mediation, coaching, counseling to help his clients work through difficult life issues. He uses compassion, professional expertise and a healthy dose of humor to help families and organizations pinpoint problem areas, find common ground and form positive plans of action to move forward. Dave is a member of the Washington Mediation Association.

As a skilled mediator, counselor and coach, Dave works with all parties affected by the conflict to find solutions that:

Reflect the best interests of all those involved;

Produce win/win outcomes achieved through collaboration and dialogue;

Lay a foundation that allows the parties to move forward in a healthy and constructive way; and

Are achieved in a way that is both timely and cost-effective