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Paul Dicker
Corporate Purchase Power

EMPLOYEE CORPORATE BENEFITS PROGRAM established by Dick Hannah Dealerships in 2005, offers employers and/or organizations another reason to offer its potential hires/potential members. It is akin to benefits like 401k, health plans, etc., and is free to the company/organization.

The benefit:  “Come to work for me/Join our organization, and when you need a new or previously-loved vehicle, I’m a guy who knows a guy!”  The ECBP offers new vehicles at the price someone would pay our fleet manager, but with no brokers’ fees and all the showroom perks, without the “showroom syndrome!”  Those perks include TIRES FOR LIFE, monthly hand carwashes, Roadside Assistance for LIFE, discounts on parts, services, and accessories, and much, much, more!

Our quoted prices are our best available without the customer having to try to negotiate a deal, taking all the games, pressure, and haggling out of the second-most-expensive purchase most people make…their vehicle!

Previously-loved units have all been through a reconditioning process and are road-worthy.  Most, if not still covered by the factory, have a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty, so you’re not purchasing a “pig in a poke!”

To participate, shoppers must contact the ECBP before contacting any Dick Hannah Dealership, and provide proof of memberships/employment. Information about vehicles is available by visiting www.corporatepurchasepower.com – where all the vehicles can be viewed – or by calling 1-877-503-2736. The program is available to the extended families of the member/employees as well.  Contact Paul Dicker, Coordinator.