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Independent Rain Partner

Eonka Foods is helping people live the lifestyle they desire by transmuting their wellness experience with healthy functional foods and natural supplements. We change your healthy lifestyle experience by providing the healthiest chocolates and seed-based nutrition supplements available in the market – that are high in antioxidants, while rich with minerals and vitamins.

Third party evaluation and evidence-based medicine have shown that the products provided by Eonka Foods can significantly assist in obtaining your desired lifestyle. We believe that using this evidence, making the necessary lifestyle changes – diet, exercise, less stress, and more love can make a great difference in your daily life.

The key to Eonka Foods product line being so good for you and your body is two-fold. The foods are functional, meaning that they are made up the essential nutrients you need. Secondly, the foods are cold-processed, meaning the nutrients stay with the foods as nature intended. The supplements allow you to quickly and easily get naturally occurring, plant-based minerals and vitamins for cellular restoration and DNA protection you need by simply by unwrapping a square of healthy chocolate or opening a packet!

If you’d like to drastically transform, or improve your foods and your life, contact Eonka Foods and transmute your health and lifestyle now.


Seed-Based nutrition : Rain International

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Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef
Jodi Dillmon

I started Pampered Chef 10 years ago with the intent to purchase a bunch of products for a GREAT deal. I knew very few people and did not think I could keep this business going. Quickly I realized how fun it was and couldn’t wait for my next show. Now, I am a stay at home mom of 5 and couldn’t imagine working any other job. I get to play with my kiddos during the day and then go party with the gals a couple times a week. Not only that, but I have a kitchen full of AMAZING tools, been on some unforgettable vacations, and made some lifelong friendships. Thanks for reading my story and I hope to help you soon with purchasing products, hosting a show, or even starting your own business.

Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards
Dotty Scott
Dotty's SOC Website

Send Out Cards is an online greeting card business that specializes in Business Relationships / Client Referrals and Retention. It is an awesome marketing tool. The number one way for you to get referrals is though your existing clients. Your clients already know your product or service, but being “good” in today’s economy is not good enough. What IS important is to be Remembered! How are you remembered? People remember you when you remember them and make them feel cared about or special. Not just a mailer with a new product or service you offer, but a genuine heart felt Thank You for your business, referral, Birthday or Just Thinking about You. Send Out Cards is the solution, you pick a card out of from over 13,000 stock cards or create your own, personalize it, and we do the rest. We Print it, stuff it in an envelope, address it, stamp it, and mail it for you. And it can even be done in your handwriting and signature. Ask for a free trial offer and judge for yourself the overwhelming response you get.