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Networking = Earning Trust, Making Friends, Getting Referrals, Giving Referrals

Due to Coronavirus, Clark County Leads Direct is now meeting Online every other week. We will start meeting again in person when the restaurants are open and it is safe to meet. If you want an invite to the next Online meeting contact Dave at

Why a Leads Group?

People do business with people they know, like and trust. When a person does not know you, a referral or introduction from one of their friends can be helpful. The power of a referral is in its potential to open doors, generate interest, and get an appointment. Seldom can a referral sell for you. That’s not the goal of a referral. The goal is to open a door and, hopefully, begin the relationship from a position of strength and trust. The primary focus of the Clark County Leads Direct group is to help you get known and provide you with “door-opening” opportunities.  The members of this group may or may not be your potential clients.  However getting to know all the members of the group will allow them to feel comfortable enough with you and your business to refer you to their business associates and friends.  The point of this group is NOT for selling directly to the members.


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We are Clark County Leads Direct, Vancouver’s foremost leads networking group

  • We meet every Tuesday, 11:20am-12:30pm

  • We meet at La Costa  Mexican Restaurant 4708 NE Thurston Way, Vancouver

  • There is no membership fee for joining, just the cost of your lunch

  • Participation is by invitation from an active member

  • Once a member, attendance is required