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Pampered Chef

Business Name: Pampered Chef

Name:Jodi Dillmon
Business Phone Number: 360-624-6670
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Business Description:

I started Pampered Chef 10 years ago with the intent to purchase a bunch of products for a GREAT deal. I knew very few people and did not think I could keep this business going. Quickly I realized how fun it was and couldn’t wait for my next show. Now, I am a stay at home mom of 5 and couldn’t imagine working any other job. I get to play with my kiddos during the day and then go party with the gals a couple times a week. Not only that, but I have a kitchen full of AMAZING tools, been on some unforgettable vacations, and made some lifelong friendships. Thanks for reading my story and I hope to help you soon with purchasing products, hosting a show, or even starting your own business.