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Kangen Water Store

Business Name: Kangen Water Store

Name:Mikki Meisner
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Mikki Meisner has been sharing and educating about the amazing benefits of Kangen Water for over a decade. She has extensive knowledge about the technology and cares deeply for her clients. The Kangen Water Store was created to serve the community on a higher level. Now you can try Kangen Water from a beautiful environment and learn about what it can do for you from professionals who are there to provide outstanding customer service. You will also meet many other clients who have tried Kangen Water and are happy to share their own stories. Kangen Water Store is located at 6700 NE 162nd AVE Suite 420 (it’s on the corner of Fourth Plain and 162nd, FACING the Fourth Plain side).  Kangen Water Store is a full service wellness facility that offers whole body vibe, Infrared Sauna, DoTerra essential oils, CBD, classes, education, and do much more. We even have Reiki and a Physical Therapist, Dr. Yvan Trinn on site. We aim to  provide an environment you will enjoy coming to. To find out more follow @kangenwaterstorevancouver on Instagram, Kangen Water Store on Facebook, and our website.  #getyourwaterright